DIYAutotune 4:1 Peak and Hold Injector Driver with Subharness

  • $313.95

Add a peak and hold injector driver to your MS3Pro installation!

The MS3Pro 4 AMP Peak, 1 AMP Hold Injector Driver provides a separate “peak and hold” logic circuit for eight injectors. The “peak” supplies up to 4 amps to snap huge injectors open quickly. Once  open, the “hold” turns the current down to prevent the injector from overheating, so swap in your 225’s, 550’s or even larger injectors!  Run High or Low impedance injectors.

The driver comes with everything you need for installation including a custom harness color coded to match MS3Pro’s fuel outputs. Besides the ECU and injectors, all you need to connect are switched 12V power and ground. This unit is an Acceleronics Versafueler with our own unique wiring harness.